Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jules' Art projects

                                                         Since we arrived at our temperalily permanent appartment (which if you want to hear all about it, you should read my mom's blog at ) in Naples, we have each been sitting in our room and  doing our own thing for all day, so I won't be telling of any adventures in old ruins and stairways and such. But these past few days havn't been entirely boring and un-productive. My room in the appartment came with a reme of paper on the desk (I ran out recently) and that just made my day! It actually made three days ( of craftiness)..... Anyways so I only had white paper the first day, so I just used what I had (colored pencils, crayons, glue, tape, and markers). I planned on making a 3-d pop out scene with a semi-folded sheet of paper that I colored with colored pencils lots of hills and trees, flowers and grass, and the sun, sky and clouds(my original plan was to have 4 scenes, each depicting a season, but I was inspired to do otherwise. This one was supposed to be my summer scene). the main object of the scene was an apple tree, so I drew the trunk on the semi-folded paper, and created the leaves on a seperate piece of paper and connected the sides of it to the 'sky' to make it pop out (this I did with the sunshine except I used bunched up paper strips underneath it to make it bounce a bit). The finishing touches was a little girl on a swing and the pop-up grass that I glued to a paper traced out just to fit the angle of the semi-folded paper (the whole scene took 2 days!!), and TA DA!-
Inspired by the last, I made another after I bought some new sheets of colored paper at IKEA, and used the same technique, but instead of coloring the sea and sky with pens and markers, I used my new colored paper (I used my pencils for the ship)! So it didn't take as long as the last (merely 3 hours), but I think I like this one even better than the summer scene---------------------------
Since I had very little glue after these two crafts, I just decided to use an old pen to get those last bits of sticky out and onto my butterfly craft!----
It's really amazing what you can do with just a few pieces of paper and some glue!

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